ESA accuses Eunomia report of “flawed” findings

ESA accuses Eunomia report of “flawed” findings ESA executive director Jacob Hayler has slammed a Eunomia report on residual waste for its flawed findings. The 12th Eunomia Residual Waste Infrastructure Review found that the UK’s supply of treatment capacity will … Read More

Waste Industry Group

Waste Industry Group publishes misclassification guide

Waste Industry Group publishes misclassification guide The Waste Industry Group has published an “easy to use” guide on common misconceptions in waste classification and how to avoid them. The group said: “Misclassification of Waste and how to avoid it” is … Read More

Resource efficiency ‘central’ to Industrial Strategy

Resource efficiency ‘central’ to Industrial Strategy A group of senior waste industry and business leaders have called for resource efficiency to play a ‘central role’ in the government’s Industrial Strategy. The comments came from the RWM Ambassadors group in response … Read More

Environment Agency to Confirm Separate Collection Legislation

As part of efforts to enforce a separate collection approach, the Environment Agency is asking councils and waste collection companies to supply information on their collection arrangements by the end of March 2015. As set out under the Waste (England … Read More

Experts Warn that the Waste Sector Needs Notice on Targets

The chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has suggested that the waste industry would need up to five years’ notice in order to prepare for the introduction of landfill bans. June Steve Lee, provided evidence in … Read More

End of Waste Conference Provides Help on the Challenges of Implementing Complex EU Criteria

The End of Waste and Quality Protocols Conference will address the impact of end of waste regulations, intended to divert waste materials from landfill. The specialist forum takes place on 30th January 2014, at 76 Portland Place, London, and is … Read More

Waste Sector Concerned Over DEFRA Cut Backs

Defra’s plans to reduce its funding and policy activities in the sector, raises concerns by the waste industry. Earlier this week new resource manager Mr Rogerson, informed members of the sector that due to financial pressures the department will only … Read More

Leisure Industry Waste Management Solutions

The Waste Solution provides customers with a single gateway to the waste management industry. Designed for the leisure, industrial and commercial sectors, the waste solution is a fully managed process providing our customers with a sustainable waste management plan and … Read More

The Changing Shape of the Waste Management Industry

According to a recent interview conducted with Mike Walters, the waste and recycling manager for John Lewis, he highlighted his predictions for the waste management industry. In his talks on the future for the industry, he envisages a shift in … Read More

Waste – The Fourth Utility

Waste Management is the collection, transportation, processing, managing and monitoring of waste materials or rubbish. In the UK, each household produces over 1 tonne of rubbish every year. This amounts to around 31 million tonnes of rubbish produced per year … Read More