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Waste Management is the collection, transportation, processing, managing and monitoring of waste materials or rubbish.

In the UK, each household produces over 1 tonne of rubbish every year. This amounts to around 31 million tonnes of rubbish produced per year in the UK alone.

Commercial and industrial businesses produce about one quarter of all waste in the UK. This is a drain on the economy which could be improved if companies made products using fewer natural resources thus reducing the cost of waste treatment and waste disposal.

In 2010 a survey of commercial and industrial waste arisings was conducted to provide estimates of the amount of waste that businesses generate and how it is managed in England for the year 2009.

In the findings, it was estimated that commercial and industrial waste generation in 2009 equated to over 47.9 million tonnes. Within this bracket, the small organisations alone (between 0-49 employees) produced 16.6 million tonnes of waste.

Combining the domestic waste with the commercial and industrial figures presents an alarming picture and a clear indicator as to why it is so crucial that waste be managed correctly in order to have minimal impact upon the environment. In order to address the issues presented by waste, it is important understand the processes and the opportunities that lie within them.

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