Food Waste Champion

Food Waste Champion Appointed by Gove

Food Waste Champion – A new Food Surplus and Waste Champion has been appointed by Environment Secretary Michael Gove.  Philanthropist Ben Elliot, co-founder of lifestyle business Quintessentially. has accepted the unpaid position to help drive forward the Government’s plans to … Read More

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Gove signals action on food waste

Gove signals action on food waste Environment secretary Michael Gove has announced a £15m pilot scheme to divert commercial and retail food which would otherwise be wasted to people judged in most need. He told this week’s Conservative Party conference … Read More

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Five reasons cities should take a leading role on food waste

Five reasons cities should take a leading role on food waste Reported figures from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on food loss and food waste highlight its importance to the global environment. Food loss and … Read More

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Anaerobic Digestion industry urges politicians to follow Parliament’s food waste practices

In response to a Parliamentary question last month, a representative for the House of Commons Commission, Tom Brake stated “All catering food waste segregated at the kitchens and food preparation areas is recovered offsite by means of anaerobic digestion to … Read More

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Solving London’s Food Waste Issue is on the Menu

GPT Waste is serving up a solution to London’s food waste issue. According to the Feeding Britain report, 4.3 million tonnes of surplus food is being thrown away in Britain every year. Approximately 18 million tonnes of food in the … Read More

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Stepping up Investments for Anaerobic Digestion

1.6 million Tonnes of food are now being recycled through AD compared to 0.3-0.4 million tonnes in 2010, but waste policy in England is holding up investment compared to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The industry awaits news in the … Read More


Food waste gate fees are dropping as AD capacity in the UK increases

Average gate fees have fallen by as much as £50 per tonne since 2013 to a rate of £18-£40 per tonne today. This is due to organic recyclers reducing their food waste gate fees as competition for the feedstock from … Read More

Intermarché Puts a Glorious End to Food Waste

It has been estimated that we waste 300 Million tons of food a year. This seems almost criminal when you consider that there are many people in the world who are literally starving to death. In part this has come … Read More

WRAP Sets Food Waste as its Number One Priority

WRAP has set food waste as its main priority for future policy and is preparing a more wide-reaching development of the current Courtauld commitments. Chief executive Liz Goodwin, set out her organisation’s strategy at a seminar on UK food waste … Read More

Figures Show that a Quarter of the UK’s Food is Thrown Away ‘Untouched’

The Waste Resource Action Programme says around 1m a tonnes of unopened food at a cost of £90 per household is binned in the UK. An analysis of figures has shown that as much as one-quarter of food thrown away … Read More