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Why waste management should be on every boardroom agenda

Waste management isn’t a topic that features high on the average boardroom agenda. But according to the UK’s leading independent provider of waste management solutions, GPT Waste, it should be somewhere on the agenda. In this White Paper, GPT Waste explain that by changing the shape of the decision making process for procuring waste services, any process and manufacturing organisation can be significantly streamlined.

This White Paper is provided as a reference for Directors and Senior Managers to help you consider how best to develop an effective waste management strategy. It is based around asking a few simple questions. Thinking through these questions will help you to understand your current strategy and the key issues that you need to consider, in order to provide greater value to your business and to those to whom you are reporting.

It indicates what you need to know to make some of the difficult decisions involved in developing and implementing a strategic and creative approach to waste management procurement, one that’s appropriate for your business.

Over the past few months you’ve probably been inundated with budgets, briefings around operational and financial reviews or forecasting. So now is the time to think about this approach and the impact it can have on your organisation’s bottom line.

Perhaps you’re wondering how effective your company’s existing waste strategy is? This document will help you get to grips with some of the key issues and offers you an opportunity to review existing practices in simple terms with a view to becoming more resource efficient.

Poor waste procurement decisions can prove costly. The constant fluctuation of prices can significantly affect your waste management bill – which in turn affects your organisation’s performance against budget. A key decision for any business is whether to go for a fixed-price contract or for a more flexible pricing option. Obviously, a fixed-price procurement option gives the business the confidence to plan forward knowing what its costs will be in the short to medium-term, but savings of 25% can be achieved through the appropriate use of flexible procurement.


To find out how your organisation could make significant savings through creative waste management, Whitepaper – GPT Wastenload the Whitepaper here.

GPT Waste is urging Board Directors to consider the following questions when looking at the organisation’s Waste Management Strategy:

What is the true cost of your waste?
2.            How can you prevent any of this waste?
3.            Is there a robust process in place to divert waste from costly landfill disposal?
4.            How can you or your waste contractor(s) help you to elevate your waste on the waste hierarchy scale?.

GPT Waste offers a basic Waste Review Service free of charge.  Find out how they can help your business deal more effectively with your waste: Call 0844 854 5000 or email here.


Guy Cherry is the Managing Director of GPT Waste Management www.gptwaste.com. Connect with Guy on LinkedIn here.


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