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The way we live, interact, travel and importantly, the way we work and do business has been severely impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic. While historically B2B relationships have traditionally been fostered by face-to-face interactions, GPT Waste has further leaned on our adoption and industry leadership with technology to help drive clarity in times of crisis.

Covid-19 impacted businesses both at home and abroad with a force we’ve not seen outside times of war. The sudden change of the way we worked meant there was a huge shift to the virtual world to keep business moving at least in any way that was possible. The pandemic was a complex time for our client base, we saw not only a change in the way we interact with our customers but we had to help them navigate often profound changes in their waste management requirements.

The seismic changes in waste volumes and types meant that there was an immediate need for our customer service team to be in contact with our customers. Our clients were needing not only contact but information, clarity and speed of action. This is where our industry-leading GPT customer portal created the backbone of provisions for information and clarity. Over the last few years we’ve been investing significantly in our IT-backed service offering, so we can confidently lead the industry as the UK’s largest independent waste management provider. Through the portal, our clients are provided with real-time access to waste volumes and movements. Put simply, this provided clarity and instantaneous information to our clients and from there we could act on any changes required to the level of service.

Like the majority of the corporate world, our team switched to virtual client interactions wherever possible. Although the waste industry was deemed an essential service allowing us to continue working on-site, we’d noticed the instant disruption to the large majority of our client base. The convenience for our clients to work from home where possible, coupled with the safety factors of minimising the risk of human-to-human contact, saw our team rely on video conferencing to stay connected.

Just as we start to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic it’s almost as if we are now lurching from crisis to crisis, being either the UK’s HGV driver shortage or the emerging energy crisis. The waste industry stands to be impacted by these issues too, but we are finding that our investment in robust and industry-leading technology, coupled with a customer relations team who’ve maintained and solidified our B2B relationships, are the keys to riding these challenging times out.


GPT Waste offers an industry-leading, transparent, and technology-backed offering to the UK waste sector. We can offer strategic reviews of your waste management requirements in order to identify environmental and cost benefits. Our approach has made us the UK’s leading independent waste management company. To speak to our expert team about your waste management requirements, call 0844 854 5000 or email