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Trash Tag Challenge – Everyone can help clean up the environment

With more people spending their summer holidays in the UK there has been a significant increase in waste, get involved with the #TrashTag Challenge and encourage the public to take their trash home with them.

Social media challenges are not a new thing, we have seen multiple charities and celebrities create virtual challenges for people to raise awareness and funds for a specific cause.

The latest virtual challenge taking over on social media is the Trash Tag Challenge, which  demonstrates the commitment many feel towards protecting the environment, by encouraging people to take photos of public areas before and after they’ve removed any litter that was there.

Titled the #trashtag challenge, the initiative started to gain traction following a recent post on social media site Reddit.

After sharing a photo of a man sitting in an area full of litter, and then another photo of the man standing in the same area having put all the litter in several bin bags, a Reddit user wrote: “This should be a new challenge to make the world a better place!”

These words have since sparked a social media movement, with thousands of people taking it upon themselves to clear up rubbish from public places and then share their exploits online.

People who do not have local clean-up projects are posting online to find locations where they can get involved (apps such as Litterati show areas that need help). Critics say it should not take a new online trend to get people to look after their environments. But if that is what it takes to mobilise people to care about local spaces, so be it. This is one internet challenge we can all get behind.

If you are out and about, get involved with the Trashtag Challenge, pick a place filled with litter, clean it up, and post before and after pictures.


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