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In this weeks update, we explore why true waste-stream efficiency requires the right kit & equipment to drive down the cost of waste management.

One of the common misconceptions surrounding the cost of waste management is that it’s all about finding the cheapest supplier within a fractured marketplace. Although the waste tender and contract game form a part of effective cost management, it’s often inefficiencies within the waste-stream itself that significantly drive up costs. By focusing on just the emptying of the bins, firms are really missing a trick.

As the largest independent waste management firm in the UK, we’ve conducted thousands of waste assessments across almost all industry types. One of the key findings is there remains a fundamental lack of knowledge about what the right kit & equipment can do to the efficiency of the waste stream.

Guy Cherry, Managing Director of GPT Waste Management offers his take;

“A sound understanding of waste kit and equipment and the efficiencies offered by it, is not necessarily something that all Facilities Managers or Directors are fully across. Therein lies the benefit of a waste assessment. We understand the waste market and what true waste-stream efficiency can look like. Cost savings can be illustrated to the client almost instantly and with an average saving of 25-30%, there isn’t usually much more of a discussion after that. Having the right kit & equipment pays.”

GPT identifies and creates highly efficient waste management solutions through the implementation of market-leading kit and equipment. We can provide cost-effective waste management solutions that are bolstered by the use of the latest waste industry equipment. 

GPT offers extensive knowledge in installation and operation of;

·      Balers
·      Compactors
·      Food Waste Digestion equipment
·      Glass Imploders
·      Vehicles
·      Consumables such as baling wire
·      Maintenance packages


GPT Waste offers a strategic review of your waste management requirements in order to identify environmental and cost benefits. Our approach has made us the UK’s leading independent waste management company. To speak our expert team about your waste management requirements, call 0844 854 5000 or email