Landfill Tax up and illegal site penalties in force

Landfill Tax up and illegal site penalties in force Landfill Tax rates increased across the UK from 1 April 2018 and the tax was extended to include disposals at unauthorised waste sites in England and Northern Ireland. Another significant change … Read More


Landfill in England to run out in seven years

Landfill in England to run out in seven years England now has 6.8 years left of non-hazardous landfill life, based on 2016 inputs, according to the Environment Agency. Newly published data for 2016 from permitted waste management operators in England … Read More

The Importance of Landfill Bans

Green Alliance, an influential environmental think tank working to ensure UK politicians deliver solutions to global environmental issues have recently published a document on why we need landfill bans. Whilst they are not a formal alliance they work closely with … Read More

A Decrease in Waste Volumes causes Closure of Landfill Sites

Last year 30 landfill sites closed down due to waste volumes decreasing. A decrease in the amount of waste sent to landfill has caused 30 sites in the UK to close, according to a new report. Latest figures from BDS … Read More

Is All Waste Sent to Landfill Valid?

Most waste to landfill ‘cannot be justified’ according to Lord Taylor. In a recent article published by Business Green, the Environment Minister promises renewed ambition from Defra on everything from plastic bags to air pollution. Over the past couple of … Read More

Are Businesses Dumping Millions of Pounds Worth of Valuable Resources?

Tens of millions of pounds worth of valuable resources are locked up in mixed ‘black bag’ waste produced by the nations businesses. According to the findings of a new report published by Zero Waste Scotland, millions of pounds worth of … Read More

Landfill Tax Changes Shock the Waste Industry

Two changes to the rules governing Landfill Tax have been announced by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs sending ‘waves’ throughout the waste industry. On Friday 18th of May a brief was published by the HMRC, this brief is for landfill … Read More

Waste Management – New Waste Hierarchy – What it Means for FM’s

The management of waste has never been more important in the UK.  The revised Waste Framework Directive introduces a changed hierarchy of options for managing wastes. It gives top priority to preventing waste in the first place.  Following recent changes … Read More