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Why waste management should be on every boardroom agenda

Why waste management should be on every boardroom agenda Waste management isn’t a topic that features high on the average boardroom agenda. But according to the UK’s leading independent provider of waste management solutions, GPT Waste, it should be somewhere … Read More

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Pharmaceutical and Medical Sector Waste Review Service

Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants generate a variety of waste streams throughout the production, supply and organisational processes. While the day-to-day activities are similar from one plant to the next, the actual processes used in pharmaceutical manufacturing vary widely. The pharmaceutical industry … Read More

International Waste Management Standard to be Launched by Carbon Trust

New Standard showcasing businesses that follow waste management best practices to be launch by the Carbon Trust in autumn. According to plans which have been revealed by the Carbon Trust, a new waste standard designed to help businesses demonstrate that … Read More

Discussions on Plastic Waste is Welcomed by the Waste to Energy Industry

A consultation on how to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment has been launched after the European Commission published a Strategy on Plastic Waste in the Environment. The green paper published by the European Commission, European Strategy … Read More

Government Plans to Boost the Quality of Recycled Materials

Businesses approve of the plans to boost quality of recycled materials. A recent article published on Business Green discussed why businesses are welcoming the government’s plans to boost the quality of recycled materials and in addition the government’s predictions that … Read More

Construction Waste Management Solutions and Free Waste Review Service from The Waste Solution

GPT Waste, the largest UK independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services offer a free waste review service for the UK Construction Sector. GPT – The Waste Solution provides customers with a single gateway to the waste … Read More

Waste Review Service for the Healthcare Providers and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The Waste Solution, the largest UK independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services now offer a waste review service for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. ‘The Waste Solution’ provides clinical healthcare and pharmaceutical waste management services, achieving … Read More

UK and Welsh Governments’ Third Attempt to Transpose EU Rules on Waste Collections Come into Force

In July of this year The Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 were seen by ministers in an attempt to draw a line under the on-going legal dispute over collection methods. Within this new amendment it stipulates that named … Read More

Finding a Waste Management and Disposal Strategy for Businesses in the Manufacturing Sector

Waste management has become a complex area, legally, technically and commercially and the only way to ensure that you are disposing your waste in compliance with the law is to find a waste solution which suits your business needs. The … Read More