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Waste sector has welcomes industrial strategy green paper

Waste sector has welcomes industrial strategy green paper Further to the prime minister Theresa May’s launching the proposals for a modern industrial strategy, major organisations within the waste sector have said they will be happy to work with the government. … Read More

6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas Waste

UK Resources Efficiency & Waste Management Market Report Highlights Opportunities in Growing Waste Sector

The organisers behind the RWM with CIWM show have published a market report on the sector, including the views of leading players within the industry. The report recaps findings of the UK Trade and Investment that waste management sector was … Read More

Future of Waste Debated by Industry Leaders

At this year’s RWM show at the Birmingham NEC arena Industry leaders came together to debate the future of waste and recycling. The Future of Waste panel, chaired by The Guardian’s Fiona Harvey, saw the experts discuss the ‘big’ issues … Read More

64% of Emissions Cut by the Waste Sector

Greenhouse gas emissions have been cut 64% since 1990 by the waste industry, putting them above all the other sectors. According to an article recently published in Recycling and Waste world, the waste sector has cut their emissions by more … Read More