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HMRC: illegal sites face retrospective action on landfill tax

Legal experts have warned that the waste sector may be caught unawares over new landfill tax rules that can be applied retrospectively to illegal sites. Legislative measures to apply landfill tax on waste at illegal sites came into force on … Read More


‘Clearer’ landfill tax regime expected in summer 2017

‘Clearer’ landfill tax regime expected in summer 2017 Landfill tax rates are due to rise from April – but proposed law changes aimed at giving greater clarity over which materials are exempt from the tax are expected later in the … Read More

UK Resources Efficiency & Waste Management Market Report Highlights Opportunities in Growing Waste Sector

The organisers behind the RWM with CIWM show have published a market report on the sector, including the views of leading players within the industry. The report recaps findings of the UK Trade and Investment that waste management sector was … Read More

£10,000 in Landfill Tax Saved Through Aberdeen’s Food Recycling Scheme

Food recycling efforts in Aberdeen have kept 162 tonnes of waste out of landfill, saving £1,000 in landfill tax a month. Last summer £800,000 of Scottish Government cash was initially spent by Aberdeen City Council to install food waste recycling … Read More

LGA Call for Landfill Tax Freeze

The Local Government Association (LGA) is calling on the chancellor to scrap his plans for an 11% increase in landfill tax as it will not aid in increase recycling levels. While there is much evidence that the tax has succeeded … Read More

An End to Landfill Tax Refunds – HMRC

Landfill site operators will lose out on millions of pounds of landfill tax refunds as the HMRC takes a tougher approach towards taxation rules. The HMRC has restated that waste being used on landfill sites for roads, capping and liners … Read More

The Local Government Agency Urges that Landfill Tax be Frozen

According to the Local Government Association (LGA) local taxpayers should not be punished with a rise in landfill tax, instead the money should be re-invested in aid of boosting recycling. The LG has written to chancellor, George Osborne to set … Read More

Landfill Tax Guidance Delayed by HMRC

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) revealed the postponement of the publication of guidance on the application of the lower rate of landfill tax, due to the amount of response regarding consultation on the issue. The draft guidance which was … Read More

The Importance of Landfill Bans

Green Alliance, an influential environmental think tank working to ensure UK politicians deliver solutions to global environmental issues have recently published a document on why we need landfill bans. Whilst they are not a formal alliance they work closely with … Read More

UK Council Bosses want Landfill Tax to be Capped

Taxpayers might be in for a scare as a recent article reveals that landfill charges are set to cost local taxpayers almost three-quarters of a billion pounds next year. These charges were revealed according to a new analysis carried out … Read More