Recovery, Recycling and Revenues

Earlier this year, the UK’s Local Government Association (LGA) revealed that almost 615,000 tonnes of material is disposed of in England, even though it can be reused. It was calculated that by reusing this household waste, British tax payers could … Read More

HSE Finds Councils can Improve their Safety During Waste Disposal

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) nearly one fifth of local authorities are not following important health and safety guidelines whilst procuring and managing waste and recycling contracts. An inspection initiative of the 407 councils in England, Scotland … Read More

The Potential to Re-Use Household Bulky Waste

WRAP recently studied the potential of re-using bulky waste from households, the main aim of this study was to understand the composition of bulky waste and how they can be reused. In order to identify the opportunity of reusing bulky … Read More