WRAP Report Reveals Circular Opportunities For WEEE

WRAP Report Reveals Circular Opportunities For WEEE Consumer appetite for circular business models, such as take back schemes, is growing, presenting the resources sector with new opportunities to work in partnership with electrical brands and retailers, according to new research … Read More

The UK Needs to Recycle Another 1.7m Tonnes to Reach 2020 Target

WRAP’s Liz Goodwin says that reaching a 50 percent recycling rate is not going to be easy. Figures published last week show that the annual rate of recycling is slow moving as “waste from households” in England was 44.2 percent … Read More

Waste Issues on Local Council Elections

Political parties in England face off on issues around waste and recycling in the lead up to next week’s council elections 177 million tonnes of waste is generated in the UK alone each year. In 2011 an review of England’s … Read More

Council Bosses Say, Millions of Pounds of Untapped Riches are within Britain’s Bins

The nation’s rubbish bin could help local authorities earn and extra £1billion by 2020 and help reduce the burden on local taxpayers. The next step is to determine how this can be achieved, and according to a recent article published … Read More