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The CIWM Journal’s annual Great Waste & Resources Survey has revealed that the majority of respondents are in favour of the Landfill Tax escalator continuing to £100 or more.


In order to measure the biggest influences and opinions of the industry over a twelve month period, the CIWM Journal team carry out the CIWM Great Waste & Resources Survey.

The survey has revealed that three-weekly refuse collections would be welcomed by most respondents provided that a weekly “smelly” waste collection also took place.

For a fourth year in a row the survey has gone on to reveal that respondents feel there are not enough waste facilities being built in the UK. Results however indicate that the UK is “getting there”.

A lack of investment was said to be the main reason for the infrastructure shortfall, the message is however getting through to people as the barrier posed by public attitudes dropped by roughly eight percent in comparison to last year.

According to respondents, further guidance is needed on TEEP , and waste prevention plans established by UK governments won’t reach completion for at least five years or more.

Scotland, followed by Wales, was voted as the most “forward-thinking” with regards to its waste and resource policy, it is however still felt that there is a lack of cooperation by government.



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