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Strengthening our CSR through Community Outreach

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, GPT Waste want to ensure that we continue to commit to community outreach work. We have recently been working alongside schools in our community to help learners with career choices.

GPT Waste Management have been supporting the Careers Programme at St Chad’s School by offering career mentoring.

Our Business Development Manager, Mike Callaghan, has attended St Chad’s School to help young people to develop the knowledge, confidence, and skills they need to make well-informed choices and plans for their future.

St Chad’s is working very closely with Career Connect. This partnership aims to strengthen links further with local industry, developing a better understanding of the local opportunities.

The Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at St Chad’s will enable pupils to:

  • understand the skills and qualifications that they need to pursue their ambitions
  • be able to investigate employment opportunities based on local Labour Market Information (LMI)
  • make challenging but realistic plans for their future learning and employment
  • understand the full range of learning opportunities including local colleges, apprenticeships, and training providers.

Mike Callaghan, Business Development Director at GPT Waste, said:

“The career mentoring with a number of Year 11 pupils was a very enjoyable experience. My main aim was to explain the importance of education as well as how gaining life experience and getting into the workplace will benefit them in the long run. The end of their school career is a daunting time for any student however sometimes learning from others with career experience can help make the world seem a less intimidating place.

He went onto say:

“Hopefully, those that participated will know that life is a journey and to make the most of every opportunity.”

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