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The St Georges Tower waste service management project


Sodexo manages the International Study Centres facilities at St Georges Tower, which is comprised of 164 student accommodation studios and various small college facilities. Towards the end of 2014, Sodexo engaged their waste partner, GPT Waste, to take over the waste management with future plans to identifying and improving overall waste practices. 

Provision of 240 litre bins.

Provision of 1100 litre bins for DMR (Dry mixed recycling) and GMW (General mixed waste).

Provision of support via GPT Waste Manager.

3 x General waste Eurobins collected weekly.

1 x Mixed recycling collected each week.


This site required a waste provider to be as flexible as possible as the amount of waste generated by the students varies throughout the course of a year. At the beginning of summer, it is necessary for the site to increase the frequency of collections for when residents are vacating, and then decrease significantly when the Tower has much fewer occupants. Another hurdle to overcome with GPT Waste involvement, is encouraging students, all of whom are international, to recycle.


After the initial few months of review, GPT Waste reduced the site’s general waste collection frequency by half and implemented an improved bin system for the site.


This small, but effective, change started in February 2015 and within 6 months, had observed that a savings of circa £4,000 has been made for the project.