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Smarter Construction Waste Management in the Construction Sector

The construction industry continues to be one of the most significant producers of waste across all commercial sectors and with pressures on budgets and enhanced deadlines, waste management plans are fast becoming one of the top priorities for the construction industry.

Whitepaper ConstructionWith the responsibility of managing large waste arisings, along with the potential impact to the environment as well as human health, it is vital that proper waste management procedures are put into practice across all construction sites. Site Waste Management Plans represent the extent of the sectors drive to take control of waste production and management, however, there must be room for better processes and procedures to
reduce this further.

By implementing such changes, the construction sector could not just significantly reduce quantities of waste being sent to landfill, but also the overall amount of waste being produced and in doing so make a substantial contribution to sustainable development.

GPT Waste Management, a leading waste management provider in the UK, have carried out extensive research into how streamlining waste in the construction industry can lead to greater efficiency as well as cost savings for their construction clients. This White Paper is provided as guidance to assist such companies, design teams and main contractors in achieving good practice whilst also demonstrating the opportunities for cost savings through the implementation of effective improved waste management strategies. It is based on a simple example, a new approach and the impact it has had on construction companies’ bottom line.

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