RDF industry group launches code of practice

A group of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) operators have published a set of export guidelines to help tackle illegal waste storage, environmental nuisance, fires and illegal export.

The RDF Industry Group – which has 26 UK members including producers, exporters and logistics businesses – launched a code of practice at the House of Commons on 16 November.

The document sets out regulatory requirements across the RDF supply chain and ‘further defines what is expected of not only a compliant but a respected operator’.

The code has been made a condition of membership to the RDF Industry Group, and details the different regulations across the four UK nations.

It was developed over concerns that rapid growth in the market had led to some rogue operators setting up – with poor storage standards leading to increased risk of fires and fly infestations.

Gavin Graveson, RDF Industry Group chair and chief operating officer at Veolia, said: “We hope that the code of practice will allow members to set the standard as legitimate operators from the rest of the market.

The Group has developed a logo that members can display so they can be recognised by those operating in the RDF export supply chain. 

The Group also supports the use of the code by the wider industry, and encourages adherence to the good practice set out in the code to raise standards across the industry.”

Baroness Jones of Whitchurch, the Labour shadow Defra spokesperson, attended the launch.

She said: “It is encouraging to see the RDF Industry Group taking the lead in determining and sharing good practice to help raise standards across the supply chain in this evolving and maturing market.”

RDF exports from the UK have increased from 0.01 million tonnes in 2010 to over 3.6 million tonnes in 2016.

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