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Q&A: Waste in the Leisure Industry

With the British Summer time coming up, the UK Leisure Industry is expecting to see a significant increase in the amount of people who will be holidaying in the UK in 2020. Our Managing Director, Guy Cherry, answers some important waste management questions to help ensure leisure industry professionals are ready for the season to start.

How can the leisure sector benefit from outsourcing their contaminated waste disposal during Covid-19?

As the lockdown period continues to ease and business’s start to return to work and people venture out more, maintaining safe environments remains paramount; with this in mind, all multiple occupancy sites such as those we all enjoy in the Leisure Industry, need to ensure they are getting the best options for the handling and disposal of both Covid-19 waste and as well as all other waste streams generated. With a vast array of options available to clients, GPT represents a consolidated approach to navigating the waste sector and providing clients with the most robust and cost-effective solution to their waste management.

What are some of the biggest challenges faced by this industry sector in terms of waste? Consistency of service at competitive rates; we have seen a large increase in proposed disposal costs in the last few months, however, we have mitigated these for clients through our knowledge and understanding of the industry, and at the same time, increasing our national landfill diversion rate above 97%.

With a high demand for UK based holidays and excursions, how can councils and business ensure waste and littering is reduced and dealt with responsibly?

 Clearly personal responsibility plays a part but not withstanding that, clear signage and multiple container options should provide consumers with everything they need to ensure the correct and safe disposal of waste generated.

What would GPT’s recommendation be for the safe disposal of waste within the leisure industry when business is ‘back to normal’ but COVID-19 infection rates remain?

The World Health Organisation issued guidance around the disposal of contaminated waste and we continue to follow this as well as receiving regular updates relating to safe practises at work; in the main, contamination levels mitigate over 24hrs allowing for regular waste collections to continue as normal. At GPT we have the facility to arrange waste container cleaning to ensure contamination is mitigated where possible, good housekeeping.

What steps should the leisure industry be taking in terms of their waste management?

We have seen this period as a good time to support clients with a review of their historic practises and to make recommendations to improve processes and reduce costs. With 15 years of experience supporting clients and multiple sites in the sector, we are well versed in what works and what benefits to expect.

What are your professional goals within this sector?

To develop our client base further by continuing to publicise our breadth of knowledge and understanding of this sector and the savings we can provide.

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