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Here at GPT Waste we want to ensure that all sectors are aware of the waste services available to them during the current health crisis. With schools and educational facilities back open our Managing Director, Guy Cherry, covers some FAQs we have recently had.

How can the education sector benefit from outsourcing?

GPT has typically saved our clients an average 32% against their previous waste costs and increased their recycling and overall landfill diversion to 97%. Outsourcing through GPT provides our clients with access to a diverse number of waste management options all supported by a fully compliant and cost-effective service.  Our objective is to ensure clients get best practise and price in a convenient and efficient manner.

How has GPT impacted this sector?

We operate on multiple education facilities across the UK; from pre-school through to colleges and universities and we have a broad understanding of the sector and how best to operate within it. We have supported league tables for the sector that drive excellence in waste management which goes well with the ethos of education whilst also familiarising youth with waste and how best to manage and mitigate it. We regularly visit schools in our borough supporting councils with educating school children on the subject which is most rewarding and good way to start the waste education process.

How flexible is the process?

Our processes are fully flexible to meet the needs of the client whilst also striking a balance with regional availability. Ongoing reviews are an intrinsic part of our recommendations to ensure that the service provided remains up to date and fully compliant.

What aspects of waste management in the education sector are covered by GPT?

We cover all aspects of waste management as a business and recognise the education sector and its goals fully. Robust processes and procedures are the main areas for consideration; by offering a full assessment and evaluation process free of charge, we get a good understanding from the start which allows for improvements to be implemented and developed.

What processes can this sector put in place to ensure they manage hazardous or infected waste with students returning to school?

Clearly this has been and continues to be a challenging time for everyone during the Covid 19 period; remaining vigilant and upholding the practises detailed by Public Health are at the forefront of our advice to all clients. When the guidance allowed, we continued to support a number of education facilities during lockdown as they used the time brilliantly to “clean house” in anticipation of a return. This is a dynamic sector and one that I have no doubt will continue to manage the process of getting students back into the educational system in a safe and compliant manner.

What are your professional goals within this sector?

To continue to drive excellence whilst also using the opportunity to bring school children along on the possibilities surrounding waste as a resource; it’s a great opportunity and time for them to see what happens with waste from start to finish.