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Healthcare service solution


In partnership with Sodexo Healthcare, GPT Waste has been delivering waste management solutions for Queens Romford since August 2010.

Our contract covers all waste streams except clinical waste. The objective of the service delivery was to increase recycling, maximise waste leaving site and implement a food waste and mixed recycling service. Prior to GPT Waste managing the waste contract the majority of waste was classed as GMW with little recycling taking place.


The first challenge was to support our partner implementation of a dedicated food waste provision and mixed recycling service within four months of the contract start.

The challenges associated with implementing such a change involved educating staff, contractors and visitors to the waste management and recycling changes being proposed and the benefits to the Trust.


The implementation process was managed and coordinated to specific locations leading to a reduction of likely contamination and resistance. A key factor in delivering this was the introduction of a “Waste Awareness” event which GPT Waste lead to discuss with staff and visitors to the site. A questionnaire was also built and completed to ensure our messaging and procedures had truly landed.

Recycling Rate


The current level of recycling has increased to over 97%