Providing sustainable waste services to FM Organisations

Looking for Facilities Management Waste Services? We can show a company how to procure waste management services properly.

In our experience, many organisations tender by looking for the lowest cost per bin for disposal, which is often not the best way to achieve value for money.

For example, Landfill Tax increases year on year, many waste streams are classed as General Mixed Waste (GMW) and destined for landfill, however with a change in the way waste is segregated at source, converting GMW to Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) is achievable – which means a lower rate for disposal and increased recycling.

Waste disposal is costly as service providers will make revenue by the number of bins they empty and the frequency they collect. Waste management can reduce disposal costs. Waste management is not difficult, it is simple.

True waste management is about actually looking at by-products before they are consigned as waste and then identifying the most appropriate route to process.

  • Improved operational efficiency – reduce the amount of resource required to handle waste on site, for example there is no point bailing cardboard if the volume that you produce doesn’t attract a rebate.
  • Reduce waste produced – for example, ink toners are a costly expense to many businesses, a simple change to the global print settings on the printer so it prints on both sides of the paper will reduce paper bills and print volume.
  • Financial savings – any reduction in waste production will create cost savings directly or indirectly.
  • Improved recycling – having a waste policy and a managed approach to recycling serves the business in various ways; one which isn’t often considered is how it attracts new clients to the business. Corporate, Social Responsibility (CSR) is a valuable part of a company’s offer to prospects.
  • Reduced carbon consumption – the journey of your waste can be further than you imagine, your choice of waste contractor will dictate how far your waste will travel before its final destination. Many waste streams are bulked up at transfer stations and then hauled to processing sites, these sites are often many miles from the original location. This all adds to the waste producer’s costs, but also to the overall carbon footprint.

If your organisation is looking to streamline functions and reduce headcount without overburdening the remaining headcount, a creative approach to procuring waste services will reduce your waste costs to ease that burden. The key difference is between ‘waste disposal’ and ‘waste management’.

Waste disposal is costly, waste management is less costly and more effective, because it identifies how to reduce waste arising. Making the right procurement decision will allow you to improve operational efficiency across all functions of your business.

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