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Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants generate a variety of waste streams throughout the production, supply and organisational processes.

While the day-to-day activities are similar from one plant to the next, the actual processes used in pharmaceutical manufacturing vary widely.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive and many organisations are often unwilling to reveal details that surround their processes.  With the diversity of processes comes a similarly broad range of waste streams produced.

Typical waste streams include hazardous waste such as solvents, wash waters, off-spec products and used processing aids as well as general mixed waste, cardboard and plastics.

Reducing the generation of these waste streams at the source, or recycling them can prove to be hugely beneficial to pharmaceutical manufacturers in increasing product yields, reducing raw material needs, reducing disposal costs, and reducing the hazardous waste.

This infographic provides an overview of the processes involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing and operations that generate waste. It presents a sample waste review conducted for a pharmaceutical client by GPT Waste.

In this example, the waste streams were identified and if implemented, the new waste management processes proposed by GPT Waste would provide the client with 100% diversion from waste from landfill.

GPT provide complete waste solutions to the pharmaceutical industry and provide options for minimizing the generation of waste materials through source reduction and recycling in cases where opportunities exist.

By employing the services of GPT Waste, pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to increase their understanding of improving waste management strategies by understanding the implications of their own manufacturing processes.


GPT Waste provides clinical healthcare and pharmaceutical waste management services, specialising in protecting people and reducing risk. We work with local and national companies across the public and private sector to improve employee and customer safety, ensure legislative compliance and minimise the environmental impact of waste disposal.

GPT Waste’s services also include:

  • Resource management guidance
  • Hazardous waste management programmes
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal

With an extensive UK network of service providers and their disposal facilities, they provide a range of services to NHS trusts, GPs, dentists, pharmaceutical manufacturers, private sector businesses, research companies and many more.

To speak to someone about your pharmaceutical and clinical waste disposal requirements, call 0844 854 5000 or email