M&S Recycling Initiative
M&S Recycling Initiative – After launching a plastic recycling scheme for customers in stores, M&S recycling bins will now accept ready meal containers and crisp packets from rival supermarkets.

M&S Recycling Initiative – This new initiative will enable customers to bring in plastic packaging that councils do not accept for recycling, to then be transformed into items such as store fittings and furniture. M&S have stressed that the store will accept all suitable packaging, from any retailer, the spokeswoman said:


This is for any type of plastic, regardless of where it’s from”.


Packaging such as black ready meal trays, crisp packets, cosmetics containers and crisp packets are all able to be dropped off in new M&S recycling bins. Once the bins are full, their contents will then be sent to a specialist UK recycling facility where they will be cleaned and shredded. Those shredded plastics are then melted down and recycled into playground equipment, fence posts and outdoor furniture.


This scheme has already been launched in eight M&S stores, such as in Leicester, Peterborough, Westfield Stratford and Tolworth. M&S said it would be rolling out bins to stores nationwide by the end of 2019, the bins will then be made from recycled plastic collected through the first eight stores.


All of the UK’s major supermarkets have signed up to the UK Plastics Pact where they have voluntarily pledging to make 100 per cent of their plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. However, M&S has promised to achieve this by 2022.


M&S’s senior packaging technologist Laure Fernandez said:


“We’re on a mission to provide a greater awareness of landfill avoidance and plastic recyclability, while ultimately helping our customers to give plastic a new purpose and support a truly circular economy.”











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