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In order to achieve higher waste luminaire recycling rates throughout the UK, requests have been made for luminaire producers to join WEEE producer compliance schemes.


Due to the waste management of luminaire products being largely unregulated, calls to join WEEE compliance schemes have been made in order for scrap and waste to be collected and reprocessed in an environmentally safe manner.

Environment Agency data for waste luminaires show that during 2012 55,433 tonnes of luminaire products were supplied to business end users, of which only 328 tonnes were collected by UK WEEE compliance schemes.

With current UK business WEEE recycling rates for luminaire’s being a mere 0.6%, the new regulations will prevent the mismanagement and exportation of scrap to less economically developed countries (LEDCs).

Due to the presence of mercury in the light sources, Hazardous chemical contamination forms one of the main driving factors behind concerns for waste luminaire products.

When unregulated, this could lead to the illegal release of mercury by scrap dealers and producers could be liable for prosecution under the RoHS directive.

The new WEEE regulations present producers of business luminaires with two options, they can either take responsibility for their waste products or pass the responsibility to their business end users.



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