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Improvement in Recycling Rates


A world-renowned Conference and Concert Venue, The Brighton Centre plays host to high profile events such as Political Party Conferences, Indoor Sporting Events and large music concerts.


GPT Waste Management’s services engaged to review the waste provision at the site following continual issues with service, poor recycling rates of less than 30% and a general lack of management information. 

A full site review was needed, and various waste streams were to be identified. From there, the Site Manager was needing recommendations to improve service, reduce costs and increase recycling rates.


Recommendations were made to implement a dedicated Food Waste Solution, along with the consignment of other waste as Mixed Recyclables and a dedicated Glass Waste service. This would produce a zero to landfill solution for the site. It was felt that an immediate change to this waste service provision would have proved logistically difficult, so a service provision was provided to allow for Dry Mixed Recyclables and General Mixed Waste. 

To ensure that a maximum amount of waste was recycled, a suitable Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) was sourced and the General Mixed Waste was then taken and subjected to a recycling programme.


This has resulted in an overall recycling rate for the site of over 98%, which is a significant increase on the 30% rate being reported by the previous supplier. In addition, regular monthly recycling reports are provided to the client detailing the weights of waste collected from site and the recycling rates achieved.

Recycling Rate