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With new regulations being introduced in the New Year, businesses leaving waste and packaging on the street could face a fine of up to £50,000.


New waste collection rules preventing rubbish from being left on the street are to be extended by the Wandsworth Council.

Waste under the scheme is collected at two hour time slots between 9am to 11am and 9pm to 11pm only. Businesses placing waste material on the highway outside of the time slots will be guilty of a flytip offence and could face a possible fine.

Cabinet member for environment Councillor Jonathan Cook said:

“Until now businesses in St John’s Hill have been able to leave out their waste and packaging for large parts of the day. Sacks and boxes left out at nine in the morning might not have been picked up by their contractors until nine at night.

“Under the new system this refuse will have to be removed within a maximum timescale of two hours. If the bags and boxes are not taken away by their contractors for whatever reason, the businesses will have to bring them back inside their premises and wait for the next time band.”

Fines for businesses start at £110 and increase to £220 if they are not paid within 28 days. Fines at the top end of the scale are only to be issued in dangerous circumstances where hazardous or chemical waste has been discarded.

In order to identify commercial waste, a new initiative will also be introduced under which business will need to use coloured binliners. This will put an end to commercial waste being picked up by waste collectors paid for by tax-payers.


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