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Roll out of new Total Waste Management service


Ramsay Healthcare has a network of 22 private hospitals in the UK as well as 9 treatment centres and 3 Neurological Units. The team at GPT Waste visited the hospitals, produced site reports with an evaluation of current incumbents and produced a report with the number of containers and frequency of collections. They also noted any access issues and further site requirements.

Cost Saving
Improved Efficiency
Increased Recycling Percentages
General Mixed Waste


Ramsay Hospitals Support Service Managers were on the look out for a total waste management solution. Previously, they had arranged their own waste removal solutions which created a large number of suppliers without the benefit of a buying consortium.

Dry Mixed Recycling
Confidential Waste
Pharmaceutical Waste
Healthcare Waste


GPT recommended a total waste management solution using our buying power to drive down cost, improve efficiency of security and increase recycling percentages.


Consolidated invoicing and a dedicated National Account Executive will drive the companies’ aim to achieve 100% diversion from landfill.