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In October 2016, GPT Waste, donated 6 VIP Manchester United tickets to Stockport Homes to help raise funds for their chosen charity, St Ann’s Hospice.

Stockport Homes approached GPT Waste in September for support with their Charity of the Year raffle which was held in line with their annual staff awards evening in October.

GPT Waste were asked for any contributions to help raise money for St. Ann’s Hospice, which was Stockport Homes Corporate Charity of the Year for 2016.

St. Ann’s Hospice is a local charity, caring for and helping around 3,000 patients who are affected by cancer and non-cancer life limiting illnesses, over the age of 16, every year.

Their help and support extends to patient’s families and carers to help them through difficult times in their lives.

GPT Waste donated 6 VIP Manchester United tickets which was added as a Top Prize in the raffle and helped raise over £1000.

Tracy Sweeting, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, said:

“As part of a raffle the VIP Manchester United tickets made a fantastic prize, and certainly helped to sell plenty of tickets. Overall the raffle generated £1,027 for St Ann’s which is an amazing amount. Stockport Home’s would like to thank GPT Waste for their fantastic and generous donation.”

Mike Callaghan, Head of Business Development at GPT Waste Management, said:

“We are pleased to hear that the Manchester United tickets raised over £1000 for the St Ann’s Hospice and that the Stockport Homes raffle was a great success. The GPT Waste team are proud to support both Stockport Homes and their charity of the year, and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

For more information about St Ann’s Hospice, click here.

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