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On Wednesday 11th September, we were present at the preview of the National electronic duty of care programme (edoc) which was unveiled at the CIWM RWM Show in Birmingham.


The edoc programme is a four year initiative that began development in January 2011 and will run until December 2014. The programme is an EU LIFE+ funded initiative set up by Environment Agency, Chartered Institute of Wastes Management, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Waste and Resources Action Programme and Welsh Government.

The edoc programme is due to be rolled out in January 2014 and will offer an alternative to existing paper-based system of waste transfer notes, thus modernising the way that waste data is collected in the UK.

Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) Steve Lee said:

“We support the production of edoc because we are confident that it will allow businesses across the UK to carry out a wide range of tasks which will help to modernise and streamline waste transfer recordings in the future.”

Our Compliance and Safety Manager, Tony Baker has been an integral part of the progress being on the EA working party for the edoc programme.

He said:

“At GPT Waste, our ethos is to work closely with suppliers and clients to improve the way that waste is managed within their organisation and to provide cost savings through improved waste management. The edoc programme will provide us with a solution for monitoring waste data more effectively and subsequently provide clients with a more easily transparent waste monitoring solution for their organisation.”

He went on to say:

“The edoc programme will modernise the way that waste data is collected and will enable anybody involved in the production, collection or disposal of waste to extract high quality, relevant information for both new and existing clients. We look forward to embracing the edoc programme and the benefits it will bring to GPT Waste.”

The edoc system will include a number of key features, such as:

  • the ability to create and share Waste Transfer Notes (WTN’s)
  • allowing users to review, edit and sign WTNs electronically;
  • sending email notifications when a new WTN is produced or when changes are made to an existing WTN;
  • allowing users to enter more details than required by duty of care regulations, creating a ‘more complete and accurate picture’ of waste produced in the UK.

The team at GPT Waste – ‘The Waste Solution’ works closely with suppliers and clients to reduce, re-use, recycle or recover waste, which in turn ensures diversion from landfill.

Here at GPT Waste we can provide a fully compliant waste service for all waste, whether its trade, commercial, confidential, hazardous, healthcare and construction waste.

GPT Waste is urging clients to consider the following questions when looking at the organisation’s Waste Management Strategy:

1.            What is the true cost of your waste?

2.            How can you prevent any of this waste?

3.            Is there a robust process in place to divert waste from costly landfill disposal?

4.            How can you or your waste contractor(s) help you to elevate your waste on the waste hierarchy scale?

GPT Waste offers a basic Waste Review Services free of charge. Find out how they can help your business deal more effectively with your waste: Call 0844 854 5000 or email here.