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GPT Waste, one of the UK’s leading waste management companies, has announced its partnership with the Toyota Gazoo Racing UK British Touring Car Team for the 2023 season. The collaboration between the two companies is particularly significant as the British Touring Car Championship has switched to hybrid technology. Supporting this team demonstrates GPT’s commitment and shared focus of supporting environmentally sustainable technology and attitudes.

The Toyota Gazoo Racing UK British Touring Car Team is one of the most successful teams in the championship. The team’s focus on innovation and performance makes it an ideal partner for GPT Waste, which is similarly committed to advancing waste management technologies and sustainability for its clients.

The new partnership will see GPT Waste become an official partner of the Toyota Gazoo Racing UK British Touring Car Team, with branding prominently displayed on the team’s cars. This high-profile exposure will help to raise awareness of GPT Waste’s services and commitment to sustainability throughout the UK.

The British Touring Car Championship’s switch to hybrid technology is a significant milestone in the championship’s history. The move reflects a wider trend towards electric and hybrid vehicles, driven by concerns about air quality and carbon emissions. The BTCC also uses specially designed racing fuel with 20% renewable components, further driving environmental innovation within the category. By supporting the Toyota Gazoo Racing UK British Touring Car Team, GPT Waste is demonstrating its commitment to this transition and its belief in the importance of environmentally sustainable technology both in and out of racing.


“We have long been at the forefront of developing innovative waste management solutions that reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency within the waste sector. We work with businesses across a wide range of sectors to help them manage their waste in the most sustainable way possible. Our partnership with Toyota Gazoo Racing UK in the BTCC will act as a catalyst for conversations in the market around waste, resource management and sustainability.” Guy Cherry, Managing Director of GPT Waste.

In addition to its waste management services, GPT Waste is also committed to raising awareness of sustainability issues and promoting best practices that lower costs and the environmental impact of firm’s waste streams. The company provides educational resources and training programs for businesses, as well as engaging with policymakers and industry groups to advocate for more sustainable practices.

Overall, the partnership between GPT Waste and the Toyota Gazoo Racing UK British Touring Car Team is a significant milestone in both companies’ histories. It reflects a shared commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability, and demonstrates the potential for the motorsport industry to play a positive role in driving the transition to more environmentally sustainable technologies. As the championship season approaches, fans and spectators can look forward to an exciting season of racing, powered by the latest in hybrid technology and supported by GPT Waste’s commitment to sustainability.

“We are really pleased to have partnered with GPT Waste for the 2023 season. It was evident from early conversations that we have a clear synergy, particularly with GPT Waste’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.  With our expanded team for 2023, along with our new engine, it really is an exciting time to be welcoming new partners to the team and we look forward to working with them through the year.” Christian Dick, Owner, Speedworks Motorsport.


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