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GPT Waste Management have been at the forefront of helping businesses respond to COVID-19 through effective waste management services whilst continuing to achieve cost savings by utilising the most innovative and up to date methods of collection and treatment of waste.

The impact of COVID-19 is transforming the way we live, from one day to the next. While national and local interventions are largely focused on protecting lives and economies, management of hazardous waste is also essential to minimize long-term risks to human and environmental health.

GPT Waste is the largest independent provider of waste management solutions across the UK, providing sustainable waste services for its clients.

During the COVID-19 pandemic GPT Waste have been assisting businesses to ensure that their waste practices meet government guidelines and that all of the waste collected from their clients, regardless of the industry, has had the most appropriate technical, environmental, and economic method of treatment.

Many businesses have reassessed their practices and spending during these unprecedented times, GPT Waste have ensured that waste within businesses is reduced and properly disposed of.

In turn, by continuing the correct waste management practices we have not only helped businesses achieve their sustainability goals but also enabled them to make cost savings.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that Governments and businesses need to maintain focus on their sustainability goals and pump investment into solutions and actions where they matter the most.

GPT Waste advice is simple and falls in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance; best practices for safely managing waste should be followed, including assigning responsibility and enough human and material resources to dispose of such waste safely.

The GPT Waste skill set is identifying the best route for removal and ensuring presence and support to the client on an immediate level, we can arrange attendance to sites generally within a couple of hours and an action plan shortly afterwards.

Are you a business looking for waste removal services in your area? Speak to the GPT Waste team on 0844 854 5000.

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