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Go Green this Halloween!

Waste management experts have said that the days following the 31st October are a nightmare for the UK’s waste industry as it struggles to cope with mounds of plastic and non-recyclable rubbish that must go to landfill.

Halloween is the season of nasty surprises, and there’s none bigger than the thousands of tonnes of rubbish that ends up buried in a hole in the ground because of the scary festival.

Amongst the goods that refuse and recycling centre operators are looking forward to seeing in early November are:

  • Plastic lamps and batteries
  • Novelty items
  • Costumes
  • Plastic masks
  • Witches’ hats
  • Devil’s tridents and horns
  • Decorations
  • Fake spider webs

Having a green Halloween shouldn’t spook you. One simple place to start is with reducing your family’s waste. By minimizing new purchases and reusing what you already have, you will have less garbage to dispose of or recycle later.

When it comes to being green with costumes, your best bet it to do it yourself. Homemade costumes are often made from materials that you already have in your own home or closet. Another option for costumes would be to borrow or trade costumes with a friend.

There are many fun ways that you can creatively reuse or recycle items for Halloween decorations. They can be grown in your own garden, carved, used for pumpkin seeds, and then composted.

Instead of buying a fancy bag for your little goblin’s trick -or-treating, opt for a reusable bag, an ice cream bucket, or whatever worked last year. When giving candy out from your own haunted house, try to offer items with little packaging or better yet, give useful treats like pencils or erasers.

Don’t be a scaredy-cat! This Halloween, think about how your family can change just one or two habits to be more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. A sustainable lifestyle can be created with a few small steps at a time.

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