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Fly Tipping Solutions – GPT facilitate fly-tipping clearance

The team at GPT have been working hard to facilitate the clearance of fly-tipped waste for its clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Early July we were contracted to facilitate the fly tip clearance at Ash Ranges at Pirbright in Surrey.  

GPT were contracted to assist in the removal of circa 70 tonnes of Gypsum Waste that was tipped using 8 Wheel Tippers onto a remote location ‘behind the wire’ on the Military Training Area.

It was clear from the start of the clearance that one of the fly tipping areas had been done following careful planning as the tippers managed to cut the lock of a secure gate and gain access to the main military training area.

GPT assisted in the removal of about 70 tonnes of Gypsum, due to the location of the tipped waste the team had to use a small excavator to move the waste to the roadside in order for the grab lorry to reach it.

GPT also helped with the removal of a second area of tipped waste which consisted mainly of general waste.

Andy Foreman, National Account Manager at GPT Waste, said:

“We have seen a significant increase in the amount of fly-tipped waste during lockdown. With health, safety, and welfare of the personnel training at the facility in the forefront of our thoughts we wanted to ensure that we could facilitate the removal of the fly-tipped waste quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, we have been able to accomplish the safe removal of fly tipped waste throughout the pandemic for our clients who are incredibly pleased with the results.”

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