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Re:allies has announced the first contract between Stockport Homes and GPT Waste Management Ltd to its £14m Waste Management Framework which supports Registered Providers in meeting legislative and management challenges.

GPT Waste Management Ltd (GPT) has now begun their contract with Stockport Homes which will see the housing provider move from a more reactive service of collecting waste when needed, to a strategic scheme that is intelligently designed for greater efficiency and recycling.

GPT will work closely with Stockport Homes’ neighbourhood teams to support residents on estate clearance days, create waste ambassadors across its communities and help generate employment opportunities within the local area.

Through these additional services, GPT and Stockport Homes aim to encourage greater volumes of recycling, a better waste collection scheme for vulnerable and elderly residents and decrease fly tipping occurrences within the local area.

GPT Waste, the largest UK independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services.  They continually demonstrate operational efficiency as well as financial savings via their innovative approach to waste management systems and routes to processes.

GPT Key Statistics:

  • Over 410,000 consignments of waste managed each year
  • Over 34,000 waste movements managed each month, the UK produce over 400 million tonnes of waste annually
  • UK waste output is growing at over 3% per annum
  • Legislation now dictates that companies should be more responsible for their waste
  • Compliant with over 1300 pieces of environmental legislation
  • Your company can be fined for improper waste management
  • Company waste can be turned into a resource if disposed of correctly

To find out how we can help your business deal more effectively with your waste phone 0844 854 5000 or email us

GPT Waste offer a full Waste Review Service free of charge. Find out how they can help your business deal more effectively with your waste: Call 01928 571 349 or email here.