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Waste management has become a complex area, legally, technically and commercially and the only way to ensure that you are disposing your waste in compliance with the law is to find a waste solution which suits your business needs.


The UK produces over 400 million tonnes of waste annually and the true cost of waste is not simply the cost of discarded materials – it includes inefficient use of raw materials, unnecessary use of energy and water, faulty products, waste disposal of by-products, waste treatment and wasted labour.

An estimate cost of such waste for UK companies is typically 4-5% of turnover, and can be as high as 10%.  The implementation of a waste management and disposal strategy can help reduce costs, although a few organisations can use waste collection services provided through local authorities as a complete answer to their waste management obligations.

Those firms which cannot use the services provided by local authorities may need to identify and contract one or more reputable, licensed, specialist companies for the disposal of their waste, or discharging their legal obligations.

A key development in waste management is the focus on preventing the production of waste through waste minimisation and the re-use of waste materials through recycling. This links directly to procurement issues, where careful selection of materials, suppliers, process redesign for disassembly and reverse logistics can all reduce the amount of wastes produced or facilitate recycling and re-use.

GPT Waste Management limited are committed to reducing, re-using and recycling by working in consultation with your company to understand your requirements in order to provide the waste solution you need.

If you’re a UK manufacturer; whether your business needs to dispose of hazardous chemicals or industrial coolants, remove metal swarf or recycle waste packaging, GPT Waste offer a nationwide waste management service covering all aspects of manufacturing.

GPT Waste is the largest independent provider of waste management solutions across the UK, our waste management compliance team is on hand to keep customers up to date with the latest legislative changes and ensure compliance with all corporate social responsibilities.

The GPT Waste service offers collection, disposal and recycling of all types of industrial, factory, production, environmental and packaging waste with real time monitoring and reporting through GPT’s management reporting system.

Using the most up to date methods of recovery and recycling our nominated service providers sort waste collected from commercial and industrial customers, and extract all the recyclable elements.

Extracting the recyclable elements from mixed commercial waste reduces the tonnage going to landfill thus reducing your landfill tax liability (scheduled for 33% increase year on year) – saving you money and improving your environmental impact.

If companies looked at waste as a resource and not as a problem it would be significantly easier to reduce the impact and cost of waste, and may present an income opportunity.

Using services from an independent waste collection service will ensure that you are compliant and reduce the stress of relying on a local authority to remove your waste.

If you are not sure which services you require – book a free assessment with the GPT waste management.

We provide waste management services across many industry sectors, our waste sectors can be found on our website –

GPT offer a range of waste management solutions across all sectors. They also offer a full Waste Review Service free of charge. Find out how they can help your business deal more effectively with your waste: Call 0844 854 5000 or email here.

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