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In October, Sodexo employees in the UK and Ireland took part in WasteLESS Week, an annual scheme to encourage efficiency in waste.


Winner: Tara Gurung from Somme Barracks Officers’ Mess.

WasteLESS week is a seven day campaign run by Sodexo to empower their employees, consumers and clients to minimise waste by celebrating the benefits of wasting fewer resources. Sodexo employees across the UK and Ireland focussed their attention on wasting less food, water, raw materials, paper and energy.

During the week-long campaign, Sodexo employees working from the Catterick Garrison site, took active steps to reduce their waste and raise awareness of the importance of doing so on an on-going basis.

The initiative coincided with World Food Day on 16 October, which marked the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in 1945.

The competition, which involved making functional items from recyclable materials, was judged by Angela Kinchin, Sub Contracts Services Manager for Sodexo Defence and Tony Baker, Compliance Manager at GPT Waste Management.

In order to determine the winners; regional heats were held in order to progress the most creative items to the finals and all entrants received a certificate for their recyclable items.

Below is an image of Tara Gurung’s innovative item:

Claire Atkins-Morris, Head of Waste Management, Sodexo UK & Ireland, said:

“WasteLESS Week is about being part of an initiative that is happening globally. It demonstrates the impact Sodexo can have across the 80 countries in which we operate.”

Tony Baker, GPT Waste Management, said:

“It was great to see all the ideas conjured up by the entrants for this year’s WasteLESS Week. It not only creates excitement amongst the Sodexo team, but also involved the local area whilst encouraging everyone to think about resource efficiency and sustainability.”

“Well done to all the entrants for raising awareness and demonstrating your passion and value for sustainability.”

Angela Kinchin, Sub Contracts Services Manager, Sodexo, said:

“We wanted to encourage our  teams to think about everyday items they would usually throw away and how these could be reused to make other functional items. We received approximately 30 entries, but the entry from Tara Gurung was the unanimous winner with all of the judges for the quality of the workmanship and its functionality. “

“The event was so well support by our team in Catterick that we hope to run a similar competition next year and hopefully encourage our client to participate.”

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