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In today’s economic climate, business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity for savings and cut backs to be made within their organisations however, many are unaware that choosing creative waste management solutions can lead to significant cost savings and add significantly to the bottom line.

We recently produced a thought provoking White Paper “A Board Director’s Guide to Budget Saving Through the Creative Procurement of Waste Management” which is free to download here:

We also have a number of Case Studies to demonstrate our work to date, click on the links below to view a selection of our latest projects.

Caravan Club Carillion M40 Project Creamfields Music Festival
GPT-Caravan-Club-Case-Study GPT-Carillion-Case-Study GPT-Creamfieids-Case-Study
Ramsay Healthcare Sodexo Defence Apollo Cinemas
GPT-Private-Healthcare-Case-Study GPT-Sodexo-Case-Study GPT-apollo-cinema-Case-Study

Further case studies:

Waste Management Solutions for Queen’s Hospital

Manufacturing Waste Management for Pilkington EP Dust Collection

Leisure Industry Case Study for Kudos International, Brighton


We are urging Board Directors to consider the following questions when looking at the organisation’s Waste Management Strategy:

  1. What is the true cost of your waste?
  2. How can you prevent any of this waste?
  3. Is there a robust process in place to divert waste from costly landfill disposal?
  4. How can you or your waste contractor(s) help you to elevate your waste on the waste hierarchy scale?

To find out how we can help your organisation deal more effectively with waste: Call 0844 854 5000 or email here. You can also connect with across the social networks by clicking on the icons below: