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Staffordshire County Council has announced encouraging plans to significantly reduce the level of waste sent to landfill.


Local authorities play a major role in increasing recycling rates as well as working towards the diversion of biodegradable waste from Landfill.  By 2015/16, this particular council has pledged that 95% of its’ recyclable waste will be diverted from landfill as part of The Waste Local Plan. They have also proposed that by 2020/2, this figure will reach 100%.

The Waste Local Plan outlines improvement measures for waste management and sets out to move away from disposal in favour of more sustainable methods of treatment such as recycling, composting and waste-to-energy incineration.

The joint partnership between Stoke on Trent City Council and Staffordshire Country Council is designed to enhance the region’s approach to waste management and provide a guide to the types of new waste management facilities that are required for waste-to-landfill to be reduced.

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