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GPT’s whitepaper “Cost savings for healthcare estates delivered through improved waste management“ seeks to educate FM and Estates Directors of the savings that are available through improved waste management.


  Click here to download the full Whitepaper

The White Paper is provided as a reference tool for Healthcare Estates Managers and Finance Directors to demonstrate the opportunities for cost savings through the implementation of effective waste management strategies.

It is based on a simple example, a new approach and the impact it has had on a healthcare organisation’s bottom line.

Spend in the NHS can be simplistically split into four main areas:

  • · Drug Costs
  • · Planned Care
  • · Unplanned Care
  • · Operational Costs

These budgets are often viewed in isolation; however there are financial, operational and environmental gains to be enjoyed by putting waste management higher on the management agenda. Our latest White Paper demonstrates using a strong example, that by changing the shape of the decision-making process for procuring waste services across the healthcare sector, valuable funds can be released from budgets to be re-invested where it matters most; on patient care and service improvement.


We provide total waste management services designed to enable clients to achieve cost reduction by improving efficiency whilst removing risk. We work with local and national companies across the public and private sector to improve employee and customer safety, ensure legislative compliance and minimise the environmental impact of waste disposal.

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