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Construction work on UK anaerobic digestion facility developer, Tamar Energy’s 2 MW food waste recycling facility has been completed.

waste to energy

The newly built 45,000 tonne per year facility is now being commissioned, with the first electricity generation from food waste expected at the end of July.

Tamar explained that it is working with waste management parties to secure feedstock for the facility.

The facility is expected to generate 2 MW of renewable energy from waste as well as produce nutrient-rich biofertiliser, for which a network of interested farmers is being set up.

In addition, the Halstead facility is expected to handle commercial food waste including around 7,000 tonnes of food waste from Essex households.

Once completely operational, the plant will be Tamar Energy’s fourth AD facility in its strategy for a UK network of AD facilities generating 100MW of renewable energy from organic waste.

Willie Heller, Tamar Energy’s chief executive commented:

“Completing construction of the Halstead facility marks another important milestone for us, with an exemplary focus on health and safety and showing consideration for the local community throughout the process.”


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