EEB Report Urges EU to Make Better Use of Resources

According to a new report from the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the EU should make better use of one of the most powerful tools at its disposal if it wants to reduce resource consumption in Europe and bring about a … Read More

Resource Efficiency Could Generate an Extra £3.58bn for UK Businesses by 2020

According to a new study published by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), further progress can be made to prevent waste, reduce costs and generate revenue from waste through ‘better regulation’. The Environment Agency launched 11 new … Read More

NHS Doctors Have a Reponsibility to Cut Waste and Manage Resources More Effectively

With NHS finances being stretched to the limit and budgets constantly under pressure, it is apparent that resources need to be managed more efficiently to minimise waste across the sector. The question is not ‘how can resources be managed more … Read More

Details of Future EU Resource Policy Surface

EU officials have revealed that higher recycling objectives and an “aspirational target” for resource efficiency are to form part of the measures included in an upcoming European policy package. It is understood that the policy package is to be adopted … Read More

DEFRA’s Waste Prevention Consultation Receives Criticism

Defra has faced criticism with regard to the manner in which the department consulted on its recently-launched Waste Prevention Programme for England Karen Lepper – deputy director of waste strategy and management at Defra – restated the Department’s stance whilst … Read More