Gove Recycling Plan

Gove should halt recycling plan says food industry

Gove Recycling Plan – Food and drink industry bodies warn Brexit-related pressures could force the Government to halt a series of consultations and policy initiatives that affect recycling. Gove Recycling Plan. Secretary Michael Gove was told in a letter by … Read More

2020 Waste Targets

Will the UK meet 2020 Waste Targets?

The UK’s 2020 waste targets will soon be obsolete, recycling rates have plummeted to around 44%, despite the target set at 50% by the year 2020 and 22 million tons of waste being sent to landfill and not recycled every … Read More

Brexit waste law warning

European Commission issues waste law warning ahead of Brexit

Brexit waste law warning: In the notice to stakeholders, “Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU Waste Law”, the EC highlights the impact of Brexit on the waste sector from midnight on 30 March 2019. Brexit waste law warning: The … Read More

Luminaire Manufacturers, Producers and Distributors to Join WEEE Compliance Schemes

In order to achieve higher waste luminaire recycling rates throughout the UK, requests have been made for luminaire producers to join WEEE producer compliance schemes. Due to the waste management of luminaire products being largely unregulated, calls to join WEEE … Read More

DEFRA Reveals Long-Awaited MRF Code of Practice

A Code of Practice for materials recycling facilities has been launched and formally laid before parliament. The new Code of Practice will call for all materials recycling facilities (MRFs) over a certain size to measure the quality of their inputs and … Read More

Rural Business will Save £100m Through DEFRA’s Regulation Cuts

80,000 pages of environmental guidance will receive significant cuts by PRIME Minister David Cameron. Among those to be snipped are 380 pages on waste management and 286 pages regarding regulations on hedgerow maintenance. In a speech to the Federation of … Read More

Clear and Simple Advice on Healthcare Waste Audits Provided by New CIWM Guidance

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has published the latest guidance on waste auditing for large healthcare producers. The document is set up by the Institution’s Healthcare Waste Special Interest Group, and is designed to provide straightforward and to … Read More

BSI Waste Standard to Help Reduce Waste Generated in Building

A waste standard that can assist in reducing waste in the early stages of building or refurbishment projects has been launched by the BSI. Dealing with waste management is becoming more challenging for an increasing number of organisations as controls … Read More

Site Waste Management Plan Regulations No Longer an Obligation

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) for building projects are no longer a legal obligation for construction businesses in England. With government trusting the de-regulation will save money for the businesses obligated by the law, the Site Waste Management Plans Regulations … Read More

The Local Government Agency Urges that Landfill Tax be Frozen

According to the Local Government Association (LGA) local taxpayers should not be punished with a rise in landfill tax, instead the money should be re-invested in aid of boosting recycling. The LG has written to chancellor, George Osborne to set … Read More