Plastic Waste Legislation

Climate Change Act model could solve UK plastics crisis.

Plastic Waste Legislation. – MPs are calling for the “urgent” introduction plastic waste legislation, which follows the framework of the Climate Change Act, setting stricter and legally binding recycling targets, ahead of the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy (RWS) consultations. … Read More

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

New global alliance pledge to help end plastic waste

Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), a not-for-profit organisation, was launched last week comprising of businesses who produce consumer goods and plastic, as well as waste management and recycling companies. More than 25 companies have signed up, including household names … Read More

Plastic bag charge defra

Government consults on extended carrier bag charge

Plastic bag charge Defra – the Government is looking at plans to increase the minimum charge for retailers issuing single-use carrier bags to 10p, as well as extending the charge to cover smaller shops. At the moment, the 5p charge … Read More