Scotland ‘failing in landfill ban preparation’

Scotland ‘failing in landfill ban preparation’ According to a recent article published by Let’s Recycle, local authorities and commercial waste operators in Scotland have failed to make adequate preparations for the upcoming landfill ban, a report to the Scottish Government … Read More

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GPT Waste confirm 95% landfill diversion rate

GPT Waste confirm 95% landfill diversion rate We are pleased to announce that a recent internal report showcases a major increase in their diversion from landfill percentage. GPT Waste ensures that providing sustainable waste services to their clients remains the … Read More

Landfill Tax to Hit £84.40 per Tonne in 2016

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confirmed the amount that will be charged for the standard and lower rate of landfill tax from April 2016, in guidance documents published in March. All landfill site operators in the UK received … Read More

Less Than 1% of Sweden’s Waste Goes to Landfill

Globally, we produce an astounding amount of waste, all of which has a negative impact upon the environment. It is hard to believe that as a civilised society, we continue to dump waste in landfill and there are several environmental … Read More

MPs Request Food Waste Landfill Ban

According to MPs, local authorities should be banned from sending food waste to landfill sites to help combat England’s ‘throwaway society’. Government figures show that in England, 8.5 million tonnes of local authority-collected waste goes to landfill. According to a … Read More

£10,000 in Landfill Tax Saved Through Aberdeen’s Food Recycling Scheme

Food recycling efforts in Aberdeen have kept 162 tonnes of waste out of landfill, saving £1,000 in landfill tax a month. Last summer £800,000 of Scottish Government cash was initially spent by Aberdeen City Council to install food waste recycling … Read More

Landfill Tax to Rise in line with Inflation

HM Treasury has announced that the standard and lower rates of landfill tax are to increase in line with inflation from April 2015 It has not yet been established whether the rate will rise further beyond that date, as the … Read More

Survey Respondents Support Landfill Tax Rise

The CIWM Journal’s annual Great Waste & Resources Survey has revealed that the majority of respondents are in favour of the Landfill Tax escalator continuing to £100 or more. In order to measure the biggest influences and opinions of the … Read More

An End to Landfill Tax Refunds – HMRC

Landfill site operators will lose out on millions of pounds of landfill tax refunds as the HMRC takes a tougher approach towards taxation rules. The HMRC has restated that waste being used on landfill sites for roads, capping and liners … Read More

The Local Government Agency Urges that Landfill Tax be Frozen

According to the Local Government Association (LGA) local taxpayers should not be punished with a rise in landfill tax, instead the money should be re-invested in aid of boosting recycling. The LG has written to chancellor, George Osborne to set … Read More