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12 months ago, the world was rapidly changing; the usual new-year optimism was quickly overtaken by a sense of global doubt. But for those who found themselves on the front-line such as NHS staff and those in the care home sector, the weight of the pandemic was really beginning to be felt. Emotionally and commercially Covid-19 was hitting hard. 

Fast forward 12 months

Although we are still dealing with the trauma of the pandemic there is an optimistic sentiment that the worst is behind us. For our front-line workers, however, challenges are still being faced. 

Graeme Duncan, Director of Facilities & Procurement at L&M Healthcare in the UK takes stock of the situation;

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have felt every part of being on the front-line. While we look forward to brighter times ahead, we are realistic with the situation that we are currently entrenched in. From a care perspective, we need to do everything possible to uphold living and care standards, from a commercial perspective, we need to understand every corner and every detail on our balance sheet.

GPT Waste Management understands that a fractured waste solution is an expensive one. Our consolidated waste approach has given us transparency and cost accountability while easing pressure on our bottom line.”

Graeme touches on a stark reality, this pandemic has had a devastating toll on human life and on the commercial foundations of the care home industry. Offering world-class care needs to be underpinned by sound corporate governance and right now the magnifying glasses are out across the UK and they are pointed squarely at the balance sheets. 

Guy Cherry, Managing Director of GPT Waste Management takes a supporting approach;

“GPT has an extensive understanding of this particular sector and has continued to serve a number of care homes during the pandemic. These client efforts to maintain high standards has been nothing short of phenomenal during what has been a truly challenging period for them. We have been able to facilitate consistent service levels and we have challenged costs; along with this, we have also been able to supply certain levels of PPE.

For GPT the mission was clear, offer support, flexibility and adaptability. If there are ways to centralise, consolidate and lower waste management costs then it’s the least we can do for our front-line friends.” 

GPT continues to work closely within the health and care home sectors right through the pandemic and Guy remains optimistic in his outlook;

“We will get through this pandemic and no doubt the front-line workers of the world will breathe a sigh of relief down the track. There will be lessons learned and, in our case, a lower-cost and centralised waste management landscape across the industry will help the commercial recovery in an important way.”

GPT Waste offers a strategic review of your waste management requirements in order to identify environmental and cost benefits. Our approach has made us the UK’s leading independent waste management company. To speak our expert team about your waste management requirements, call 0844 854 5000 or email