Cardboard Recycling st Christmas
Cardboard Recycling at Christmas: We recently blogged about the best way to recycle Christmas wrapping paper and what to avoid choosing to ensure our paper rubbish makes it back into the paper mills, but what about what lies beneath? The most amount of rubbish gets generated at this time of year than at any other time.  With many consumers now opting to do their Christmas shopping online, waste and recycling plants now face even more recycling dilemmas around the added aspect of mountains of cardboard packaging.

Cardboard Recycling at Christmas –

Now, without naming and names (Clue: famous river in South America), we have all experienced receiving our orders before Christmas in brown cardboard boxes. Sometimes, goods get delivered in boxes the size of microwaves, despite the contents being the size of a mouse! But the distribution outlets are very kind and often add copious amounts of brown paper inside to protect the ‘mice’. Before you know it, and before Santa has fired up his sleigh, we are drowning in a sea of cardboard that we want gone before the relatives descend.

In the UK, it is estimated we use almost 300,000 tonnes of card packaging at Christmas, according to leading recycling campaign Recycle Now – a staggering amount which, when laid out, would cover the return distance between London and Lapland 103 times – and would wrap Big Ben almost 260,000 times.

According to WRAP:

Card packaging plays a really important role in preventing damage to our products and as Christmas is the busiest sales period of the year, a lot more of it is used. So much in fact that it could cover the London Eye almost 50,000 times, wrap the Angel of the North a shocking two million times, or cover the Eden Project biomes in Cornwall over 11,000 times.

WRAP’s ongoing Christmas campaign is urging people to recycle this card rather than put it in the bin and play their part in creating a greener Christmas.

Cardboard Recycling at Christmas

Here are four festive cardboard recycling tips:


  1. Save space at home by dropping items at your local recycling centre – you can find your nearest stop on Recycle Now’s Recycling Locator at
  2. Flatten cardboard boxes before recycling to save room in the recycling container
  3. Remove all sticky tape from cardboard boxes before you recycle
  4. Remove any plastic or polystyrene inserts from cardboard boxes before recycling.


Recycle Now aims to help make recycling as simple as possible for people by providing information, tips and advice at




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