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Last year 30 landfill sites closed down due to waste volumes decreasing.


A decrease in the amount of waste sent to landfill has caused 30 sites in the UK to close, according to a new report.

Latest figures from BDS Marketing Research show that since 2008, 130 landfill sites have closed since 2008. Despite 30 sites closing during 2012, this has been partly mitigated by 8 sites opening or re-opening.

As local authorities struggle with the increases in landfill tax, which rose by £8 to £64 per tonne in April 2012 and is set to rise to £72 a tonne from April 2013, moves to divert waste further up the hierarchy are having an impact on incoming volumes at remaining operational sites.

According to the BDS study, some sites have completed their void and planning has not been allowed for an extension while others have come to the end of their natural life.

Developing alternative waste treatment facilities, such as energy-from-waste and mechanical biological treatment plants, are also diverting waste from landfill, the BDS study found.

The report highlights the estimated waste for all recognised landfill sites around the UK. It splits the country by region and the waste estimates for each are based on interviews with the waste management companies that the landfill sites are operated by as well as research with Defra, SEPA, The Environment Agency, the Welsh Office and other contacts from the industry.

The report is the single publicly available source of information regarding landfill inputs and it is broadly used by landfill companies to address their market share and assess competitor activity.

The report and its components can be purchased from BDS.


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