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Client: Cordant Security

Location: UK

Date: November 2014

Sector: FM


Refuse Derived FuelAbout the Project

Cordant Security is a specialist provider of security solutions, working with a national client base of high profile blue chip organisations with complex risk profiles, delivering a comprehensive and customer focused service, tailored to their needs.

As the 8th largest security company within the UK, Cordant Security employs more than 4,000 personnel and works across a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

As an organisation, Cordant strives to adopt sustainability principles throughout its supply chain. Earlier this year, they approached GPT with a requirement to sustainably dispose of 20,000 obsolete uniforms.

The challenge was exacerbated by the fact that uniforms designed for security and other FM related duties are not suitable for general wear and were therefore unsuitable for standard recycling methods.

The UK’s largest independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services, GPT Waste was commissioned by Cordant Security to review the company’s supply chain and help find a sustainable solution to eliminate the un-recyclable uniforms.

Download the full case study here!


In order to meet the clients’ sustainability objectives, it was essential for GPT Waste to arrive at a solution which had minimal environmental impact.

GPT Waste recommended the implementation of an innovative project that would turn the garments into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

This process uses new technology to capture the energy in non-recyclable waste and transform it into bricks or pellets that can be used to replace fossil fuels like coal or oil.

This solution was the most sustainable option for Cordant as every tonne of waste diverted from landfill eliminates 0.54 tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to that being emitted in landfill gas. This is a significant saving in greenhouse gas emissions.

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