UK needs to re-evaluate its waste policy post-Brexit, says top government scientists

The UK needs to re-evaluate its waste policy after leaving the EU, according to a new report published by two top government scientists.

Written by government chief scientist Mark Walport and Defra chief scientist Ian Boyd, from waste to resource productivity, details how government, business and citizens can do much more to reduce waste.

The long-awaited report, originally planned to be published in 2016, included 12 recommended 2 ‘Areas to Explore.’

These included: a review of circular economy practice, better measurements of waste energy and materials and sharing financial and behavioural responsibility across the sector.

It also called for greater cross-sector responsibility of waste, for example more partnerships between local authorities and sustainability champions WRAP.

Although the report is not government policy, it is expected to influence Defra’s waste strategy when it is published in 2018.

Stewart Davies, Environmental Services Association chairman, welcomed the report.

He said: “The chief scientific advisers have rightly identified that leadership and direction from government is an essential ingredient in improving resource productivity at all levels – through a new strategy, better data, promoting innovation and facilitating a more equitable distribution of responsibilities along supply chains.”

Reference: Recycling & Waste World


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